870 with 120gl Waste Tank by Sapphire Scientific

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The 870 is The Beast! Delivering more heat, more vacuum and more pressure than any other unit in its class, the 870 employs premium components throughout – including the commercial-grade 1.6-liter Hyundai gasoline power plant and a tri-lobe vacuum blower. Harness this to triple-source heat generation and you get powerful, consistent heat for all-day cleaning even on the largest jobs.


  • Maintain full heat and pressure. Clean carpet, upholstery and hard surfaces. Even operate two hard surface tools simultaneously!
  • Liquid-cooled industrial engine is fully EPA-compliant
  • Patented thermal well system with finned tube coil design and thermostatic control..


Power plant: Hyundai 1.6 L 4-cylinder liquid-cooled gasoline engine.

Vacuum pump: Heavy-duty tri-lobe positive displacement blower. Vacuum at 14 in. Hg.
Solution pump: General HTS2016S producing 5.6 GPM max.
Heating system: Patented finned stainless tube coil design featuring a three-stage heat exchange system
Waste tank: 120 gal. 0.1875 in. marine grade 304L aluminum.
Frame construction: 0.125 in. × 2 in. powder-coated steel box tubing
Console dimensions (W×H×D): 30 × 43 × 52 in. | 76 × 109 × 132 cm

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