TCDepot Enzymatic Deodorant by Harvard

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This product is a special blend of odor counteractants, enzymes and enzyme producing bacteria that completely digests and removes organic stain and odors from urine, vomit, feces and food by breaking down the molecular structure of odor causing substances.


1. Shake well before using (product should be room temperature for best results).

2. Test in an obscure are for colorfastness.

3. Remove any solid waste from carpet.

4. Saturate stained area with this product and allow product to penetrate surface.

5. Pour/mist equal amounts of warm water (not hot) onto stain to activate this product's process.

A warm damp towel may be placed over the problem area to increase product performance.

Note: Severe contamination may require a second treatment.


- Frequently spray around the base of toilets to ensure odor free bathrooms.

- Saturate mattress and bedding after accidental bed-wetting.

- Deodorize smelly garbage cans.

- Pour down garbage disposal to deodorize.

- Spray over spills such as milk, juice, food and beverages after cleaning to ensure freshness.

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