Stain Eraser - Carpet Spot & Stain Remover, 18oz. Can - by The Cleaner's Depot

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Stain Eraser - Carpet Spot & Stain Remover, 18oz. Can - by The Cleaner's Depot

Penetrates & Cleans

Stain Eraser is formulated to quickly penetrate, clean, and remove spots and stains. Penetrates and cleans without leaving a residue. Freshens and brightens as it restores nap and texture.

Woks on the following spots and stains: grease, mud, dirt, soil, soft drinks, pet stains, wine, oil, ketchup, ink, vomit*, cosmetics, kool-aid, coffee, chocolate, blood*, iodine, and more. (*The sue of gloves is recommended when cleaning these type of spots and stains.)

NOTE: This product is specifically designed to remove stains and spots from carpet. Use on any other type of material such a upholstery fabric, curtains or clothing will NOT be warranted by the manufacturer.

Directions for use: Shake well before using. Can sprays upside down only. The product must be sprayed with the container pointed downward. Check for color fastness and damage*. Aim can downwards at spot to be removed, with can held at arm's length. Apply product in short bursts until spot or stain is thoroughly wetted. Wait one minute for spots or stains to disappear. If necessary re-apply and blot stain with absorbent cloth or paper towel for soil removal. Some rubbing may be necessary for stubborn stains. Do not scrub with any harsh brushes or scrubbing tools, as damage may result. Allow to dry thoroughly after cleaning. (*Always test carpet in a small, inconspicuous area for color fastness and damage to fiber backing, as carpeting quality varies widely.)

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