Plastic Solution Tank - 4 gallon

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Plastic Solution Tank - 4 gallon

This 4-gallon plastic solution tank attaches to your 15" or larger Unipro floor machines, boosting your productivity and allowing you to conveniently apply cleaning solution to the floor while on the move.

Made from blue impact-resistant plastic, this tank resists dents, chips, and scratches.

Tank opening dimensions:
Length - 6 inches at widest point, 4 inches at narrow point
Height - 5 inches


If your solution tank is constantly leaking, remove the black rubber cap from the lower end and swap it for the one at the top where you pull up.

If this doesn't solve the issue the lower black plastic barb may need to be replaced. This barb (5/16H x 1/4MPT) can be acquired through us (PC-12800092-EA) or from any local hardware or plumbing supply store.

When installing the new barb into the tank be sure to use some sort of urethane based adhesive (PC-05008002-EA) as a thread sealant.

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