Mold Xpress Mold Stain Remover (Gallon) By Newline Industries

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Mold Express (Gallon) By Newline Industries


Mold Express is a formulated solution containing stabilized hydrogen peroxide combined with cutting edge environmentally preferred solvents and surfactants that enhance the performance of mold stain removal. Mold Express penetrates deep into wood and other porous substrates and reacts with organic matter on contact eliminating stains deep into the surface. Mold Express naturally moves organic mold matter to the surface and makes HEPA vacuuming easier and minimizes labor.


Wear Appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) before using this product. Do not diluted, use full strength. Spray a generous coating of MoldXpress over the area to be cleaned. Allow 5-15 minutes dwell time. Agitate the surface with a brush to ensure proper penetration. Allow a few more minutes dwell time for MoldXpress to work. As the color of the stain fades, reapply MoldXpress as needed. After cleaning, vacuum the surfaces using HEPA filtered vacuum equipment. Vacuuming will help remove any contamination not removed by MoldXpress. Do not return unused product to original container. Mold Xpress covers from 300 to 1000 square feet depending upon surface porosity and degree of staining.

PH: 4.5-5

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