Mini Eliminator Chemical Sprayer System by Serum Systems - Machine Only

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Mini Eliminator Chemical System by Serum Systems - Machine Only (chemicals sold separately)

An absolute necessity for mold remediation professionals!

This brand new machine is the greatest tool to hit the mold stain removal industry in years. Use Serum 1000 and Accelerator with this machine and you will see AMAZING results within minutes. The improved delivery lance and trigger minimizes the loss of product and guarantees that you now maximize your profits!

The Eliminator Spray System from Serum System is a water-less, low pressure, low volume, surface cleaning and brightening system. Unlike standard airless sprayer systems, the Eliminator enables full control of a normally uncontrollable chemical reaction to greatly enhance cleaning results without ever wasting product.


• Mold Stain Clean Up
• CAT 1 to CAT 3 Clean Up
• Trauma Clean Up
• Crime Scene Clean Up
• Basement Clean Up
• Craw Space Clean Up
• Attic Clean Up
• Exterior Building Clean Up
• Odor Elimination In Fire Damage
• Moldy Lumber Clean Up
• New Construction Cleanup
• Statue and Monument Clean Up
• Or Any Other Organic Material Cleanup

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