HD Upholstery Pre-spray (Gallon) By Newline Industries

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HD Upholstery Prespray (Gallon) By Newline


New Energy is a semi-volatile and multi-purpose Olefin Carpet Pre-Spray, spotter and solvent booster. New Energy excels at emulsifying oils, waxes and tars from carpet fibers….especially Olefin! New Energy breaks the bond the oils form with Olefin fibers. New Energy’s super-concentrated formula greatly improves cleaning performance of traditional pre-sprays in a fast economical way.


Dilute 8 ounces of HD Upholstery Pre-Spray per gallon of hot water (1:16). Apply evenly to soiled area. Agitate with a horsehair brush and allow up to 5 minutes dwell time. Extract with Newline Industries Final Rinse. For exceptionally soiled areas boost every ready to use gallon of HD Upholstery Pre-Spray with 1 ounce of Natural Orange DS. Extract with Newline Industries Final Rinse.

PH: 8.5

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