HD Odor Kill Plus (Gallon) By CTI Pro's Choice

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HD Odor Kill Plus (Gallon) By CTI Pro's Choice


When you need a fast fix for Odor as part of your cleaning process HD Odor Kill Plus is your go to product. HD Odor Kill Plus is a high performance odor eliminator / pre-spray / cleaner in one. This is your answer for removing soil and bad odors. HD Odor Kill Plus is a safe for all water cleanable surfaces and it leaves a lingering clean fresh scent that's sure to please your customers.

HD Odor Kill Plus is a powerful, wide spectrum odor eliminator. It is ideal for all types of animal secretions, body odors, decayed food, smoke, mold, bacteria and more.


H.D. Odor Kill Plus may be used on all water safe fabrics, carpets and hard surfaces.


Generally dilute H.D. Odor Kill Plus with 10 parts water to 1 part product. For heavier odors dilute with 4 parts water to 1 part product. For moderate odors adjust your dilution up to 20:1 as dictated by the severity of the odor.

For Heavy spots on carpet or upholstery, use 32 oz. per gallon.
For Traffic Lanes on carpet use 8 oz. per gallon.
For restrooms and Locker rooms and hard sufaces - regular daily cleaning 8 oz. per gallon
As a booster deodorizer additive for general cleaning use 1 to 2 oz. per gallon
For heavy deodorization on hard surfaces mix 16 oz. per gallon in a pump sprayer and treat areas thoroughly and rinse with extractor or mop and bucket with clear water.

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