Capri - The Cleaner's Depot (Gallon) by MidLab | Citrus Deodorizer

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Capri - The Cleaner's Depot (Gallon) by MidLab | Citrus Deodorizer

Description: First clean the area to be treated; then spray with this product. Use a cloth dampened with this product for wiping bathroom fixtures, door knobs, telephones, and storage areas. Do not spray directly on painted or varnished surfaces.

Fire Departments: For effective removal of smoke and related odors, spray concentrate directly on affected surfaces, such as furniture, carpets, drapes, clothing, walls, floors, and all burned areas.

As Additive: Use 1-2 oz. of product per gallon of water in cleaning, carpet extractor, carpet shampoo, and mopping solutions.

Garbage Compactors: Spray a small amount of product directly into compactor, refuse container, and around storage are.

Vehicles: Spray inside thoroughly with fine mist. Treat top liners thoroughly. Remove cushions and spray on all surfaces. Open windows and trunks. Ventilate with fan for several hours.

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