Bonnet Pro Rocket Blast Tile and Grout Oxy Citrus Cleaner

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Rocket Blast —

Tile and Grout Oxy Citrus Cleaner

More grime-cutting solvent, with oxy & citrus. Effective on olefin, plus has a great scent.

Rocket Blast tile and grout oxy citrus cleaner, booster and synthetic carpet pre-spray uses only 100 percent active ingredients to give you the best cleaning performance and an exceptional value. You no longer need to suffer with harsh smelling products to clean your more difficult cleaning challenges on hard and soft surfaces. Rocket Blast has a light natural citrus fragrance but with a pH of 12.5 it enables you to blast away the toughest soils and even helps to brighten and whitening with its oxy ingredients. Plus, you have AFT – Active Film Technology, a Bonnet Pro industry exclusive technology built-in to help make future cleanings easier.

Rocket Blast also has encapsulation-like properties that are easily rehydrated, so don’t worry if it dries before you extract or wash on soft surfaces. Rinse with clear water on hard surfaces or use Revive iT Radical Rinse on soft surfaces like carpet. Rocket Blast is your most advanced choice for hard and soft cleaning challenges.

While some tile and grout cleaners have an incredibly high 3 rating for health and flammability, Rocket Blast boasts a much safer 2 rating in health and a 0 in flammability. Not only does it clean better with premium ingredients, it is safer for you, your staff and customers.

Also note that many manufacturers only offer bottles containing about 6 pounds. Rocket Blast gives you a greater value with its big 7.5 pound bottle. This extra 1.5 pounds gives you enough product to more then pay for the entire bottle! Blast not only cleans and smells great, it’s an excellent value too. And with our industry exclusive AFT there is just nothing else like it in the market today.

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