30" Stair Tool with Open Spray by PMF

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30" Stair Tool with Open Spray by PMF

This 30" long stainless steel constructed stair tool from PMF will get the job done right and then some! Not only for stairs; its compact wand-style design is great for getting into hard to reach areas.


• This mini-wand is great for stairs, and the perfect tool for cleaning the carpet in a trailer or motor home.
• This stair tool is 1 1/4" and expanded to 1 1/2" to accept your 1 1/2" vacuum hose cuff
• 9 3/4" Vacuum Head
•All stainless steel including nuts and bolts
• Comes standard with the PMF "P" valve rated at 500psi
• Padded assist handle
• Black vinyl grip protects you from heat.

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